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Dear god

Leave her alone. Leave her alone. LEAVE HER ALONE.

I’m like legitimately worried about her. She’s completely radio silent and no one has spotted her since the day after on set, and she’s being visciously dragged through the mud by the media. The fact that she hasn’t given a statement about anything is disconcerting. I can’t focus on anything else!!

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OMG. I’m like dying. My heart is breaking for Naya. That statement was such BS too. I cannot believe this is happening to her in front of everyone. I hate it. 

I need her to make a statement and get the last word ASAP. 

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Santana Lopez: Glee's Most Well Written Character


I rarely think about Glee positively anymore. But then I heard that Naya was leaving (granted news of her death may have been premature) and I started to think about why I still cared about Santana even after all of this time. When my love for everything else has waned. And I realized that Santana…

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Which show has a worse season 5


Glee, or TVD 

Naya Rivera/Santana doesn’t come back after 101 and TVD just sent Katherine Pierce to hell. Way to get rid of your best characters

WORD. I’m like, in agony.
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No I swear to God if Naya has left Glee then I’m out. Because then I’m only watching for Lea and Chris. she is my favourite character and hummelpezberry is the only thing that keeps me going. Like why would you leave in the penultimate season? Why? Don’t do this Glee

Srsly hurts so much.
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Y’all know Rachel was holding that in for 5 years.

this is probably after Rachel found out that Santana auditioned for Funny Girl and is now her understudy

Lmfao dying at how far back she reaches like that could not have been more melodramatic, over exaggerated, and unnecessary if she tried.

I swear to GOD if Santana doesn’t beat the everlasting SHIT out of Rachel…

you just know somehow they’re going to turn this into Santana’s fault.

They are gonna have her apologizing to Rachel, when she needs to wipe the floor with that ass. I am going to be so angry at this episode. I can already tell.

Everything is always Santana’s fault. That is glee’s most consistent plot.

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Social experiment. Reblog if you actually give a shit about women who are victims of rape and domestic abuse.
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Zoom …Naya’s song is playing.

…Naya’s song is playing.

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Glee’s Naya Rivera Talks Miguel and Music

"Don’t talk to me ever again." LOL, best.

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I’m in LOVE with this family.

Survived firings/re-hirings and more bull and are stronger for it. So happy to have discovered this show <3333

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Zoom Hahahahaha This is me considering I just downloaded every single one of Jay-Z&#8217;s albums&#8230; Don&#8217;t come for me!!!!!


This is me considering I just downloaded every single one of Jay-Z’s albums… Don’t come for me!!!!!

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Rolling Stones cover and the Mayor of Boston’s response.

That cover is an embarrassment. 

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Zoom missjia:

….your paranoia is not their crime.


….your paranoia is not their crime.


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